Selling by the Numbers

The power to make analytical decisions can be invaluable, and everyone should have access to the tools and insights that we have.

Did you know that we can predict demand in the coming months based on behavioral patterns we see online, or how many days a given house will sit on the market based on it’s price point, absorption rates, and online search volume? 

The ability to adapt and see trends ahead of the curve gives us a unique seat at the table. Our experience and proven systems can give you the confidence that your real estate transaction will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Absorption Rates

This is a metric we use to confirm which way the market is trending and if we expect pricing to rise or fall in the coming weeks and months.

Window of Opportunity

Every market has a window of opportunity where you have the highest probability to get the best possible price for a property.


Pricing  "IN" the Market

Finding the sweet spot is key. Too aggressive and you risk higher days on market and less than top dollar. Too soft and you  leave money on the table. 


Tampa South Real Estate Times 

Keep up to date with what's happening in the Tampa Bay area and follow our real estate projections and market updates. 

Sold Average Vs Median Price

In December 2020, Tampa's average home was priced at $385,966, a 17% increase year over year from 2019 at $328,378. Home sales are expected to jump by 8.7%, while prices should grow 7.5% year over year. 

Months Supply of Inventory

As of December 2020, Tampa's inventory was down to 1.5 months of supply. That's a decrease of 56.2% year over year from December 2019 at 3.5 months of inventory. With basic supply and demand economics, until we see inventory move closer to five or six months we will stay in a sellers market and home prices will continue to increase. 

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