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  • The Selmon Expressway Extension

    Thursday, December 20, 2018   /   by Aaron Barker

    The Selmon Expressway Extension

    Selmon Extension (THEA).jpg

    The Selmon Extension has been causing traffic havoc on Gandy Boulevard for months, but here’s the plan.

    A 1.9-mile toll lane will be in the median of Gandy Boulevard connecting the Selmon Expressway to the Gandy Bridge. Towering 30 feet above the median with one lane in either direction separated by a median to allow emergency service access (see the diagram below for dimensions and details), the new bridge is scheduled for completion in early 2020. In virtual town hall meetings hosted by the builder, local residents voiced concerns that the overhead, which extends over the entirety of Gandy Boulevard, is turning one of South Tampa’s major thoroughfares into an eyesore. Residents also expressed concern that sound intrusion into nearby neighborhoods might lower property values. The builders believe they have addressed all concerns.